we specialize in producing

Foundry Casting

with high quality and reliability




Deliver products of the highest in quality and reliability


Promote cost-effectiveness and competitive pricing


Exceed expectations and be ahead of time or schedule


Offer services and supports in anyway possible

Production – Mission & Core Value

Auto Cast Sdn. Bhd. emphasizes on producing quality foundry products cast from various materials. Responding to the ever-increasing demands of the modern foundry industry, our products are subject to stringent control.

Raw materials are checked methodically before proceeds to the manufacturing process. We have a common vision with other foundry industry, which is to improve casting quality. Our product range is very extensive. We recognize that through other foundry industry and individual problems have individual solutions.

We are proven to be a valuable partner, developing products that are made to suit customer’s requirement. There may be other huge supplier apart from us, but none cares for its customer’s interest and the dedications in problem solving and make sure that customer’s 3 rights’ – right advice, right products and the right price.